about thrifty explorers

We are a team of seasoned millenial travelers who combined visited over 80 countries across six continents all while navigating shoe string budgets. Our limited funds didn’t stop from doing what we were passionate about which was travel, explore and experience different places and culture. Having faced many financial obstacles during our travel experiences and having found solutions to a lot of them, we decided to create ThriftyExplorers.com

Thrifty Explorers was created with the purpose of helping aspiring travelers such as yourself prevent making the same mistakes we did while maximizing the value of your dollars spent on any travel related expenses. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a better yet cheap hotel option, a Euro tour that doesn’t cost $5000 or a good backpack to take on backpacking trip in the Rockies, we offer tips, solutions and options for all your travel needs.

Throughout this website you will find many useful articles that will not only help you improve travel experience but also help you extract more value out of your travel budget and help fill your ever growing need for adventure. Thrifty Explorers also offers free coupon codes to popular travel service providers such as Expedia, Kayak, AirBnB as well as airlines, car rentals, all inclusive vacations, activities and so much more! Make sure you check the coupon section to get the latest promo codes and deals to over 400 popular travel services and companies.

For the food lovers out there we also have tips and reviews that cover awesome food spots in some of the most remote places in the world. If your hunger for authentic cuisine experiences is a primary motivator in your travel adventures, rest assured that we have you covered! We got some foodies on our squad too who will help you explore and experience the beauty of authentic international cuisine.

If you got any questions or just need to get some advice about your trip or potential trips, please use the contact form.

Otherwise, safe travels amigos and amigas!!!!!